Tuesday, August 21, 2012

O happy day!

Today felt like a little bit of a breakthough. Even though we've been working, lately I have felt as if I was having the renovating version of writer's block. Or maybe just a stall. Not sure why. Just felt like things have been crawling. So anxious to get things done so I can go on my roadtrip. Was really hoping to finish by October, but don't think that's going to happen. I was a little pissy at first, but I'd rather not rush it. I don't shift gears all that easily when I'm determined. Even though pulling up the sides meant finding new issues, rather deal with them now and get them out of the way than have Agnes start crumbling further down the line.

With the wiring part becoming a little clearer, deciding how to make a dining area, starting on the door and screen door, finding the flooring, I feel like I have the next month or so well planned out. I am really starting to visualize the finished product! And maybe the fact that it was a little cooler and we kicked ass just gave me a little boost. Or maybe it was seeing the families of quail (the run so fast you can't see their legs-it's like they are just floating!) hanging out with the bunnies that just made me feel at peace. And Bob bought me my very own set of vise grips. Mom still doesn't get it. She wants to take me shopping for clothes....

...And averted running over a baby squirrel and a bunny (so close I had to pull over both times to calm myself). Good thing to know how well my brakes work :/

Rotted wood off the wheel well

New toy! Scroll saw. much fun.

...may take a little practice


Another new tool...Barrel Sander! Mom's finally not afraid to use my phone and insists on taking photos all the time now.

My grandpa had the coolest red vise. For some reason I loved it when I was little.


My little bridge came out pretty well!

Bob. It was a productive day!

Someday soon :)

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