Monday, October 22, 2012

Agnes is still Agnus...

Trying to get out of the rut. Guess I have just been procrastinating the electrical issues (still!). Trying to still be productive though. Missed a few trips as was horribly sick. So instead have been spending more time than usual at the Treehouse. It's ok, though. Been having some fun with the local critters.

Here is just some complete randomness. Trying to get some momentum going... ;)

My awesome skills at work...

In case you were wondering, this is NOT an electrical jack. Somehow I failed to notice that..

Spent 10 minutes trying to remove a spider web from this little guy's wing, sorry little one :(

Door, dismantled. Minor injuries. Let's just say I have a disdain for nail screws.

My traveling toolbox :)

Taking apart drawers. About a hundred staples later...

Dennis. He prefers organic, raw pine nuts to almonds.

Needed to do something productive. Made myself a little shelf.

Calm drive

He made me carry him while I shopped for junk.

Zipline for the kids

I love the entrance to my parents' house

Checking to see how drawers fit. Need a few minor adjustments, but not bad!
This may not look like much, but we actually started putting in the wiring! Broke the ice at least :D