Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fernando was a bit camera shy so I told him to put on his glasses

So went to my favorite place today (again). Seriously considering just getting a part time job there. My goal was to find 120v wire for the inside sockets for the trailer. While standing around holding a piece of the original cloth covered wire (looking a tad perplexed), a very nice customer named Fernando (an RV enthusiast) waiting for a length of conduit to be measured made the mistake of asking me what I was doing with it. Oh poor guy, he got the whole story, photos and all. Then he made another mistake of giving me some advice. He opened a can of worms! He wasn't the least bit condescending, but did seem to be somewhat amused and find a bit of humor in my naivety. I know he could sense my determination, though. He spent the next 45 minutes explaining to me about wiring/converters/ input/output/sockets/insulated staples. He only got a little frustrated when he had to tell me for the 3rd time that the 12v wires that run the outside lights had nothing to do with the inside electricity. By George, I think she's got it!

Old and New and a cute little socket

I've been trying to find this forever! Thanks for the drawing, Fernando!

He walked me around to every section and showed me what I needed, asked me questions, made sure I understood. He even looked over my converter instructions and drew me a little diagram! When I asked the HD employee if the wire came in pink instead of just white (which was met with a blank stare) Fernando just shook his head with a smile and told him to ignore me. Yes! He got my sense of humor.

I thought it was so gracious for a complete stranger to spend his valuable time helping me out. Most of the time even employees only seem to want to give the bare minimum. He was genuinely interested in helping (lucky me!) and it was so refreshing. Thanks Fernando! It was so pleasant to meet a nice person today. I'll make sure to pass it along. ;)

And because I'm odd....

Other random shots of the day...

This stuff smells so much like whiskey. I'm thinking when I do the walls I may need to buy a bottle just for the hell of it.
Most awesome

Cupboard doors look so pretty

I think the back of my wood floor slats is kinda interesting too....hmmm

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