Monday, November 21, 2011


Somewhere around this time, I decided to give my trailer the most awesome name ever... 

me:  oh! i didn't tell you my trailer's new name
joe:  oooo thats right!
joe:  what is it
joe:  ?!?!?!
me:  Agnes Gooch
joe:  gooch?
me:  yep
joe:  hahaha i like it
me:  it's a character from Auntie Mame
joe:  fun!
joe:  you are a little off your rocker
joe:  hahahha
me:  and totally appropriate!
me:  yep!!
me:  just the way i like to be :)

Ok, this is a really, really sad excuse for a video clip. I took it from my tv. I was going to say something about how I would upload a better version later, but the fact that it's shaky because I've been drinking wine and because I did not position myself in a comfortable position first seems to make it that much more appropriate. So it's going to stay.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

There is more than one way to skin a trailer

You gotta glue it then screw it!

One word. Larry. I love Larry. With vanillabean out where I couldn't just go and sit and wonder what to do with her, I decided it was time to really dive in to the research and educate myself exactly what this renovation thing was going to entail. Tons of forums, blogs, before and after photos, the Shasta cliques. Just because there were tons of resources for Shastas and zero for Aljos didn't make me feel the least bit alone. I didn't want those stupid wings anyways.. (I jest, truly).

You really have to click here to get an idea what I'm talking about...

But I digress. Back to Larry. Larry has the best videos on trailer renovation. He changed my trailer renovating life forever. His videos are not professionally filmed and not in a professional garage. They have the funkiest opening music and graphics. That is what makes them so perfect. He is just a really regular guy who restores trailers and films the process. But that's what I needed. It's not intimidating and he always makes so easy to follow. I want to see and hear about all the problems that arise and issues I may come across. I want to be entertained when Larry goes on about what he is doing but forgets to adjust the camera on the tripod or just blocks it with his body so you can't see what the hell he is doing. I love seeing the improvisations and knowing that I can trust my common sense (well, sometimes, hindsight is 20/20). He is awesome. I found his videos and spent about 4 hours watching them over and over in one night (and an embarrassing number of times since then). He has been the best resource hands down. I emailed him a question and he responded graciously right back. When the trailer gets finished, I am going to go visit Larry. :)

Larry in action: