Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the Land of Agnes

So....... major crisis diverted! The back panel does not need to be completely redone after all! The sculpture gets to stay. <3 I am beyond happy. Turns out the side wall had just been pushed out when measuring the panel, so all we needed to do was trim the panel itself. And, it was actually a blessing in disguise as I was able to fix a few little things that I forgot to do-replace old piping, glue down cupboard surfaces, clean and sand interior of headboard. And thank goodness for Joegyver!! He redid a very tricky floor area that would not have been easy with the back still on. He also made both corners far more secure. I can't believe how much he helped and how productive the day was! Yippee!

All better!!
Perfectly lined up :)

Joegyver's handiwork to secure the back floor and corner

Goodbye ratty rotten wood

After they completed all the new work and put the back together, voila! The metal skin now fits on perfectly. We were able to use it as a template for the window and the guys let me use the jigsaw to cut out the space.
Chance to make some improvements

Finally! Back window is ready for framing!


They also fabricated nice new inside wood liners to sturdy the cupboards and hide all the ickiness that was underneath...resin, burns, just general nastiness. It was so nice to have another person there to actually carry out their solutions. I just don't have the skills or experience~yet ;).

Joe brought out his amazing dog, Zoe, and she had a blast. She is the smiliest dog ever! She has a wonderful bushy fox tail, a purple tongue, and the most incredible widow's peak. :) We also had an encounter with what was the largest black widow any of us had ever seen. It was hiding on the back of a wood panel in the garage. So glad they didn't startle it. It's body, not including its legs, was the size of a penny, I swear. Quite intimidating. It seriously looked like a fake Halloween toy. I really wanted to relocate it, and the guys sympathized. But they decided it was too dangerous for the dogs and I would have felt horrible if it eventually got one of them. :(


Oh.My.God. Biggest Black Widow ever. RIP little guy :(

 Since I am always barely teetering on one of the two very old rickety wood ladders, my stepdad decided to surprise me with a new ladder! No more twisted legs around trying to hold on while I use the nail gun on the roof. No more lines of bruises along the inside of my upper arms from hanging on for dear life to the sharp edge of the top metal. No more swaying into the spiky bushes!
My very own ladder :)

The infamous Joegyver

Any idea where Zoe is?
Mouse check for the week~negative!
A most endearing thanks to Joe for spending his day working his butt off in the sweltering sun! :D

Joe, at home in his workshop :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Writing about the tedious stuff isn't so interesting. We did use a jack to hold the ceiling panel in place with glue and screws, so it doesn't bow down in the middle anymore. Nice to have figured out a solution. We've mostly been spending time dealing with little odds and ends and while I can see the progress, doesn't make for much interesting fodder.  So I'll just post a few photos for now until I find some inspiration to be more creative... :)

The wonderful prybar. Ben was right.

Oh, Agnes, "I've lived. I've got to figure out what to do next!" May have to write a little story based on these findings...along with the knife, bar of soap, and never ending supply of batteries and q tips.

So the mice used the repellent to make a new nest and leave me these squeaking babies. They were much cuter in person and fuzzy. Thank goodness the whole family left the next week.

Gluing and clamping cupboard doors at home

2 inches too much. The metal doesn't fit back on. Oi! Time for a re sculpt.

The lovely look on my face when I realize the whole back section has to be redone. :/

Me and my girl

I have a roof!

Fire too close to home

Pro with the Radial saw now!

All the benderboard pieces are cut and ready to be stacked on the roof

So neat and tidy and clean!