Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trailer travels to tulleville

After doing just a little research on how to approach renovating a trailer, I soon discovered that to replace the water damaged panels, one must remove the outside aluminum layer, or skin. (This subject was later up to much debate by several people who eventually admitted I was indeed, right. You know who you are). As much as I wanted to work on the trailer in my driveway, I realized it probably wasn't a realistic notion. Even though I technically had the space, I knew once I started to dismantle everything, there would be bits and pieces laying around to get stolen or moved and the eyesore factor would be pretty high. I reluctantly decided to move it to my parents' house (the only reluctance being that it's an hour away). At least I would be able to spread out all the pieces and not have to worry about any neighbors. My stepdad has quite the workshop so I figured he could not only help me with the heavy duty issues, but it would also be a way to visit with family and work on a funky project together. Plus, it's a beautiful and peaceful setting.
Yay for AAA! Called them up and for an extra $35 rider, I could add RV coverage. Prorate due to being the end of the year and for $12 I get a flatbed out to my house. After about an hour of muscle, sweat, and I may have even detected a tear, the tow truck driver successfully got her on the road without running it into my neighbor's garage.

Easy does it

 We left about an hour after the driver and hoped that we would still get there around the same time. Driving on the highway I noticed something up ahead. It was a teetering hunk of round metal, was it my vanilla bean (did I say yet that that was the temporary name I gave her?). Coming up upon it and passing it made me laugh. Looking at it again from the outside in that capacity made me think I was a bit crazy. Yay! I love being a bit crazy.
I see a little round somethin somethin...

Is she leaning..?

There's my pretty girl!

Trailer found her home in the backyard. Close enough to the garage for all the cords to reach. And directly next to a spiky bush that would later become the bain of my existence. This would be her home until I (later to become "we") finished all the major work.

Making space. Stupid spiky bush in the background.

Nice little spot

Not a bad environment to work in

Temporary home

Happy and silly swinging