Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm back!

So much happening that I have not visited Agnes in about 6 weeks. I've missed her! A move, a trip to Costa Rica. Big changes. Was so looking forward to making some progress on her and getting some motivation. I'll be working on her mostly solo now, as sadly, my dear friend and partner in projects has moved away, so gonna have to roll up my sleeves and lift some weights to prepare.

This visit mostly consisted of showing my parents vacation photos, emptying the rainwater that had accumulated and weighed the tarp down like a huge water balloon, and spending about 45 minutes looking for some very naughty dogs who had wandered off. Once found, we were all too emotionally drained to do much physical work, so took the time to reacquaint myself with Agnes and do some assessing on the progress.

I took the dogs with me today so they could have a play day with my parents' dogs. Tucker got so excited once he realized what road we were on he could hardly contain himself. He and Cali decided to go on a little wandering adventure but eventually came meandering back (not in response to our many calls, mind you). Who do they think they are, cats? Without Ben to keep an extra eye, I realized I needed to keep them in one of the more confined spaces for the time being. All I needed was to lose his dog the first time I took him out by myself. We still don't know what possessed them.

We're almost there!
Very carefully draining 50 gallons of water

 Starting to be able to visualize the interior a bit more. I know I definitely want wood floors. I also decided to use my favorite tiles from Armstrong (the kind you see in cafeterias, hospitals, etc-I don't know why, but I love them) for under the bed and for the old bathroom area. Still deciding on a color, but leaning toward the dark red with the vanilla coming up close behind.

 I also found some great photos of my ideas for the center part of the trailer. I either need some kind of dining counter or mini booth, or some comfy chairs and a little table.

...And without going into details, Agnes may have acquired a new friend  ;) is a sneak peek

And just for good measure, here is a photo of a very large Herman currently residing in my trailer...

Nice and chunky  :)