Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So, since I don't get to work on Agnes every weekend, I try to get a little trailer fix when I can. I went to the Vintage Trailer Rally in Lodi in 2014 and it was amazing! I wanted to check out to see if Agnes would fit in. I think when she is done she will totally be able to hold her own. She may not be perfect, but she has some personality.

Here are some trailer and random sightings from the past year...

Davenport, CA  Along the beautiful coast. Swanton Farms

Crockett, CA Neighborhood yard sale

Alameda Antique Fair, Alameda CA

Paul's 1948 Vagabond (from Vintage Camper Trailer) ~ Beautiful!

Eek! So tiny and cute!

Indian Rock Park, Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA

Flora Grubb Nursery, San Francisco, CA

So many amazing trailers and cars in Lodi. I can't wait until Agnes is done so I can go! Such fun meeting so many cool and interesting people.

Lodi, CA

Lodi, CA 

This one was just incredible inside. Loved the attention to every detail.

An Aljo(a)! I have yet to see a model like Agnes with the big window and kitchen in front

More random sightings...

Maker Faire, Oakland, CA 2014

The Garage, Fairfax, CA

Tiny Home! Fairfax, CA

The Garage, Fairfax, CA

San Gregario State Beach, CA

Piedmont, CA

The Garage, Fairfax, CA

Treasure Island Flea Market

Neverwas Haul, Obtanium Works, Vallejo, CA

House that reminded me of Agnes :) Oakland, CA

Got lost and went down random street. Saw this in a driveway and met owner. Very cool! Albany, CA

First Friday, Oakland, CA

Crockett, CA

Agnes lives!

Wow, I hadn't realized how long it has been since I have posted...

Agnes is still here! I am still working on her. I just have only been able to see her a few times in the past year and a half.

I really wanted to finish her before moving, but things change and I made a quick decision to relocate in December 2013 and was gone in about two weeks. I felt a tinge of guilt and a bit like I was abandoning her, but I knew I had to take a leap for something drastic to change in my life. I was very fortunate to have the situation which made it easy to move and have a cushion. It is really the first time I have lived outside of San Diego (besides three questionable months in Minnesota-just, no) and I was excited but a little nervous. Or just more anxious. Agnes had been my main project for so long and I could see the end of that in sight. And I wanted to get the ball rolling on some other areas in my life. Agnes has been an amazing therapeutic process and also given me confidence to pursue some other random quirky ideas.

My goal was to finish her and take her on a road trip to go find a place to settle down and get some land. Well, I ended up taking road trip just in my car (and using ~which was amazing!). Now I want to finish her and move her to wherever I end up. Check out that adventure here:

I will be going back to Agnes later this year and will finally finish her up as well as renovate my other trailer, Felix. He pretty much needs a good cleaning and some serious TLC. Not the complete rebuild that Agnes was. I still have as much passion and excitement about the work and effort I put into Agnes. I can't wait to get back to finish her and finally get her all dressed up. Can I just decorate already?!

Spray painting was most fun! Too bad I chose a really cold day and it took forever to dry. But I had to paint and get windows in before winter.


Catching up on news while waiting for paint to dry

Star and Cali. RIP Cali :(

Not sure about paint on these. May be too busy and just make solid later.

Finally! She feels transformed a bit

Don't set metal window frame on top of exposed battery. Yikes!

Getting ready to cut the front. 

Not vintage, but still pretty cool

My workspace

The front window was the very first thing we removed. Pretty amazing to finally see it back in all shiny. She's come a long way.

Agnes has a proper covering now

Can't wait to decorate!

Mornings with Agnes

The door was not fun to hang at all. I never did find the missing door hinges :/

Christmas 2014