Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The shin bone is connected to the-knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the-thigh bone...


I'm starting to like the idea of tackling rewiring Agnes. For a second there, I almost got too intimidated. But, I wanted a challenge, so I gave myself one. I know I will be much happier knowing I accomplished it. That's the goal, anyway. Check back later to see if there are photos of me pulling my hair out. Or crying. Or hitting something. Or curled up in a little ball in the back of the trailer.

I spent about 2 hours following (or trying to) each wire and document. I think I did a pretty good job of figuring out how everything is connected and laid out. I even made a little detailed map that will hopefully make sense when I look at it again. 

Makes sense, yes?

I did find one severed outlet that I cannot figure out for the life of me where it came from. It's ok to have leftover parts, right?

Just to give you a better idea...

Also did tons more sanding. How can there possibly be anything left to sand? I think I'm just addicted to it. My fingers were numb for hours afterward...

Very dirty girl

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make Circuit with Me

Oh my. Been putting this off for awhile. Can't seem to get it all to click. After hours on forums, visiting condescending trailer supply people, watching videos, looking at diagrams....still not sure if any of it is really starting to make sense. I so want to get the electrical and plumbing and propane issues out of the way so I can go back to working on the wood and putting the skin back on. I'm so anxious to build the interior as well! Decided to put a writing desk in the old bathroom and a wine rack. And also want to build a counter out of some lovely wood to run along the entire side window.

So far, I know I need a 7-pin system so Agnes will be charged by my car battery, a 110v system and a 12v system which I want to tie together using a converter for consistency. A circuit breaker, which I already have, possibly a fuse box, new wiring. Not to mention the water pump issue, as well.

Now, just have to figure out how to hook it all together and make it work :/ In the meantime, I think I'll have myself my own little dance party....

Aw. The rainbow makes it seem so simple.

This is what I'm dealing with...

My red chair

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keep on movin on

Yeehaw!! Goodness it's hot!! 100+ and we work in the direct sunlight with no breeze. Slowing down the pace just a bit today. Good timing, though, as the project for the day requires more thought than action.

Quick stop at the junk lady for goodies

I finally got to frame the back window! Looks pretty damn good compared to the before photo...

So, because the back end of the trailer (known as Benjamin's "sculpture") had been such a frustrating pain in the ass, I decided to take a different approach with the front corners. Bob used the jigsaw to cut away the side wall panels back to the support beam. We then used as a template to create a 3-layer plywood wall to give much needed strength and support. 

Had to think things through a bit, which was difficult as we were both brain fried from the sun. But we decided to attach the pie shaped piece to a support piece, leaving room at the top for wires and to secure the whole piece to the existing framework (thanks, Mom! Sometimes you do have good ideas ;) 
Cutting out side panel

Ready for new mini wall!

I was a tad worried about the curve being in the right place as our template was a bit rough. But after a few visits to the sander and back to the trailer and back to the sander and back to the trailer...did I mention it was over 100 degrees? I finally got it perfect. So the idea was to sandwich 2 1/2" pieces of plywood with a 3/4" to get just the right width to replace all the rotted benderboard.

I laminated the pieces together (glue it and clamp it!) Put some brads in (complete with a smiley face I forgot to take a photo of), and learned how to use the drill press to secure to plywood to the support piece. Even learned how to countersink. How ya like them apples!

Might as well make it pretty

I love having all the tools at my disposal

Yay! Worked like a charm

Looks sturdy, dontcha think?

The first side came out perfectly! For something that seemed so complicated and required so much thought, the process went surprisingly smoothly.

Just me, myself and I
I think the heat was getting to me cause I was determined to do the other side. Bob was pretty beat and I felt too guilty for asking for him to help more. So I told him to have a seat and I would do the whole piece by myself. Which I did. Without any help. Yeah, felt kinda bitchin.  I think he was both impressed and a little sad that I didn't need any help. Now I just want to build and build and build things. I love it. My mom thinks it's the oddest thing in the world that I have so much fun or that I am capable (being a girl and all). I did see a free trailer today on Craigslist...hmmmm. And I did learn to keep in mind what happens to the piece of wood I am cutting when I get to the end and no one else is holding it...it fell and stabbed me in the leg. Could've been much worse, though  :/

My first countersink :)

Well, at least it was a charming little injury. I think I need to shave.
So easy and fun!

My piece of pie

Front corner

I love coming out here. It's so peaceful. Away from everything. Everything is beautiful and I notice it all.
The tiniest of grapes

Add caption

This is Melon. As in water.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Visual Meanderings...

 Thought I would post some photos I have for inspiration and ideas (without posting my entire Pinterest catalogue) But if you are curious~http://pinterest.com/zuzuspetals/

Color Palette

Magnolia Pearl
I want to live in this much beauty... http://magnoliapearlblog.blogspot.com/
Magnolia Pearl

Major inspiration




Reminds me of Anais



Always white

Beautiful decay