Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not everything is black or white

So, as I was saying before...Agnes is going to have some personality. When I first started, I really wanted to make her funky and random and was less concerned about everything being perfect. I have to admit, as I put in the perfect new ceiling panels, the idea of her color being really shiny and consistent became a bit more appealing. Well...

Hmmmm...living in perfect harmony? ;P

So either this piece was a completely different type of wood, or sustained sun damage or something. Both colors are just as pretty. The dark is a rich violet brown, the color I would like my hair to be. I just have this one random, really dark panel in the middle of my ceiling. Not bummed, just a little *sigh*. I think I will eventually grow to appreciate it, but right now it feels kind of like a big flub.

Spent the day sanding panels and shellacking overhead. Goodness, the next two days my neck was in more pain than it's ever been. Couldn't turn my head. And I still have two more coats with sanding in between. Massage has already been scheduled..

The shellac smells like whiskey and immediately turned the rosy birch panels into warm golden hues. I had really been needing a change of scenery and was quite pleased with having some immediate visual satisfaction.

Good stuff, Maynard! Only spilled the container once. Exactly why I decided to to the floors after ;)

From a lesson learned earlier

Wow!! She already feels much more inviting :)

Argh! rogue panel!

Abandoned wasp nest.

Meanwhile, back at the Treehouse...

Apparently, Dennis has been spreading the word around the neighborhood. Meet Miss Trixie.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here we go...!

So today I made reservations for my first trailer rally! I had no idea there was this whole subculture going on. I'm kinda pretty excited about having plans for something. It's not until August, so I think I will have plenty of time to finish my ol' girl. She better be done by then! When I first started in February 2012, I asked my friend to give me a date to work toward to finish. He said April 19th. 2012. I said no problem. Well at least I had grand hopes!  :/


So there are these vintage trailer rallies that are all over the country. They even have little events at them. Apparently socks hops and what have you. Many of them are restored to 50's style perfection in all their glory. Some of them are quite impressive. Not sure how my handiwork on Agnes is going to stand up, but at least she will have some personality. I'm really looking forward to experiencing the whole thing. They even have a day when visitors can come and tour all the trailers.

How can this song not make you smile?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just a bit of randomness

Most awesome truck

Harbor Freight. My candy store.


Things that I need to figure out what to do with.


Abandoned hummingbird nest in perfect condition


Who needs a bench grinder on a stand? I have knees.

Always a beautiful drive

I love the jigsaw. Numb fingers hurt less when they are injured as well.
Well crap. Literally. I prefer black widows to termites.

Snail lover. Will find a place to hang in Agnes.

Unbelievable toy from friends. The best part? The inhabitants are cats and squirrels.