Tuesday, August 21, 2012

O happy day!

Today felt like a little bit of a breakthough. Even though we've been working, lately I have felt as if I was having the renovating version of writer's block. Or maybe just a stall. Not sure why. Just felt like things have been crawling. So anxious to get things done so I can go on my roadtrip. Was really hoping to finish by October, but don't think that's going to happen. I was a little pissy at first, but I'd rather not rush it. I don't shift gears all that easily when I'm determined. Even though pulling up the sides meant finding new issues, rather deal with them now and get them out of the way than have Agnes start crumbling further down the line.

With the wiring part becoming a little clearer, deciding how to make a dining area, starting on the door and screen door, finding the flooring, I feel like I have the next month or so well planned out. I am really starting to visualize the finished product! And maybe the fact that it was a little cooler and we kicked ass just gave me a little boost. Or maybe it was seeing the families of quail (the run so fast you can't see their legs-it's like they are just floating!) hanging out with the bunnies that just made me feel at peace. And Bob bought me my very own set of vise grips. Mom still doesn't get it. She wants to take me shopping for clothes....

...And averted running over a baby squirrel and a bunny (so close I had to pull over both times to calm myself). Good thing to know how well my brakes work :/

Rotted wood off the wheel well

New toy! Scroll saw. much fun.

...may take a little practice


Another new tool...Barrel Sander! Mom's finally not afraid to use my phone and insists on taking photos all the time now.

My grandpa had the coolest red vise. For some reason I loved it when I was little.


My little bridge came out pretty well!

Bob. It was a productive day!

Someday soon :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fernando was a bit camera shy so I told him to put on his glasses

So went to my favorite place today (again). Seriously considering just getting a part time job there. My goal was to find 120v wire for the inside sockets for the trailer. While standing around holding a piece of the original cloth covered wire (looking a tad perplexed), a very nice customer named Fernando (an RV enthusiast) waiting for a length of conduit to be measured made the mistake of asking me what I was doing with it. Oh poor guy, he got the whole story, photos and all. Then he made another mistake of giving me some advice. He opened a can of worms! He wasn't the least bit condescending, but did seem to be somewhat amused and find a bit of humor in my naivety. I know he could sense my determination, though. He spent the next 45 minutes explaining to me about wiring/converters/ input/output/sockets/insulated staples. He only got a little frustrated when he had to tell me for the 3rd time that the 12v wires that run the outside lights had nothing to do with the inside electricity. By George, I think she's got it!

Old and New and a cute little socket

I've been trying to find this forever! Thanks for the drawing, Fernando!

He walked me around to every section and showed me what I needed, asked me questions, made sure I understood. He even looked over my converter instructions and drew me a little diagram! When I asked the HD employee if the wire came in pink instead of just white (which was met with a blank stare) Fernando just shook his head with a smile and told him to ignore me. Yes! He got my sense of humor.

I thought it was so gracious for a complete stranger to spend his valuable time helping me out. Most of the time even employees only seem to want to give the bare minimum. He was genuinely interested in helping (lucky me!) and it was so refreshing. Thanks Fernando! It was so pleasant to meet a nice person today. I'll make sure to pass it along. ;)

And because I'm odd....

Other random shots of the day...

This stuff smells so much like whiskey. I'm thinking when I do the walls I may need to buy a bottle just for the hell of it.
Most awesome

Cupboard doors look so pretty

I think the back of my wood floor slats is kinda interesting too....hmmm

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughts of Poe...


Most happy day!

Been waiting for three days for a call back from a Craigslist ad for free hardwood floors. Finally heard from him and went to go pull some up for Agnes. The best part is that it is literally two blocks from my house. Although I could obviously just go buy new wood, the idea of there being some history, a story, behind Agnes' foundation is so much more charming and special. What can I say. I'm a romantic.

Keith has lived in his house for thirteen years and decided he wanted to rebuild it. Although he has a contractor, he's basically doing the work himself and learning as he goes. I'm so inspired! One of my projects is to build my own house. Well, once I get some land (known as Sanctuary). I figure it can't be that hard, right?? Anyway, I get over there and start pulling up the floor. Much easier than I thought it would be. Although I guess not eating within the last 24 hours and not bringing any water wasn't the best thought out plan. I was just too excited that I forgot. Oops. And it was about 90 degrees. And there was no roof.  Almost passed out a few times toward the end there..but managed to make it home ok with only a few little injuries (damn nails and sharp end of the pry bar!) and a quick stop for a beer. :)

Although I don't need that much, I was just having too much fun to stop. I figure I can always use for something else (again, my house). Keith laughed at me because I told him how much I enjoyed and just wanted to hang around and watch them work. I don't know, I guess there is something so satisfying about watching something transform, especially when you've done it with your own two hands. I had to leave to go back to work, but I may just go back tomorrow and get some more. Just for the hell of it.

I also kept wondering about if there was anything under the floorboards, you know, critters, hidden treasures, other creepy things. Did I just hear a heartbeat? I love the thought of finding something hidden or left by someone years ago... 

Keith was fun to talk to and he offered to buy my new prybar off me as he had misplaced his. I personally think it's sitting somewhere on a shelf in the frame of the house, but he's convinced it made its way to the dumpster. I just gave it to him. What a nice guy to offer! He gave me tons of free flooring! We compared our bloody injuries (he won) and I went on my merry way...

Ready, Set...



Me and Keith. What a nice guy!

Will be watching the progress of this...


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Philosophizing with Larry from Canned Ham Trailers... I'm getting a stock tank!

Awesome old video..


Sunday, August 5, 2012


HoLy cOw! I seriously think it was 110 today in the sun. Is it bad that we were seeing purple spots?

 You said it, Cole...

Today we screwed in all the ceiling panels as they were a bit warped from the sun/heat. I also collected all the outside light fixtures to take home and clean up and attempt to rewire. We shall see how I do with that...

I'm a tad bummed that the weather is so unbearable. It slows productivity!  Just some random shots for today. Not much interesting to say about putting wood putty in cracks or spending 30 minutes trying to unfold the largest tarp ever.... :/

Crap, one of the few remaining windows got broken!

Star, trying to stay cool

I was fascinated by this moth. Looks like a little skirted headless statue with arms up and wings

Spent the day filling with wood putty-Going to cover in vintage white tapestry wallpaper

Another huge black widow. I let her stay.

I really wanted to get a clear photo of this yellow jacket. Poor little guy had his arms and legs crossed so peacefully...

...until I dropped a clamp on him...  :( 

...I tried to put him back together, but I think his bottom half was upside down

heart hole

Agnes has a fancy new cover!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Here we gooooooo....!

Thought I would just bite the bullet and dive right in (as always). Got the beginnings of my electrical system ordered from the most wonderful Vintage Trailer Supply! They were super helpful and considerate with my questions. Unlike my local RV Supply who just struck out for the second time. So condescending, bad listeneres and just not nice. They could have easily won a dedicated customer, but chose to not answer a simple question unless I drove out to their store. Being stingy and defensive and pretending you don't understand what I'm talking about just cost ya, buddy! Don't talk to me like I don't have a clue ;P  I would rather pay more to have something shipped than have an unpleasant experience (or two) that leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Especially when it comes to things for Agnes as she is quite dear to my heart <3.
For converting 110 to 12v! (I think)

7-way cable for connecting trailer to the car (I'm learning, see?)

7 way Junction Box. Way to keep all wires nice and tidy and protected. Now we're talking.

Onward I go....