Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shiny shiny shi ni niny!

Wow. I think I found my favorite new project. Cleaning and polishing metal! It is so utterly satisfying! What an immediate result. Always trying to do what I can at home since I only get to visit Agnes once a week. I thought I would take a stab at working on a few pieces of trim I have at home and seeing if the process worked. Goodness, did it! I found the most perfect tutorial here~ Shine me up!

I was able to do everything exactly except the bench grinder. I instead bought a cotton buffing pad for my drill and it was easy to use and worked fairly well, I think. A few nicks in the metal when I wasn't paying attention to the angle, but not bad for a practice piece. Now I just want to polish everything tomorrow!

All the necessary supplies

Before. Ick!

Gettin ready to buff

I think it looks wonderful! :D

 Oh Agnes, you are going to be so sparkly!

....continued again with the polishing. This time in the rain. Yay! Watching paint bubble and scraping it off is most fun.

Got some work to do. You can see the finished middle piece below.

Bitchin camaro

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” ― Henry David Thoreau

Two steps back, two steps forward...

So, despite my ridiculously large tarp, Agnes sustained some water damage. Several ceiling panels and the back cupboard-which was fine before!! :/. Feeling a little blue about it. Not just because I have to redo, but because with the rain coming, I don't know how to shelter her better.

You think this would have done the trick

Argh! New damage. But will make her even better.

Fixed her better the second time around. Blessing in disguise.

Watched a few videos about putting the metal back on and deciding I have to kick that into high gear. So we ripped out damaged stuff and replaced. It actually worked out for the better. The old panel had a few issues that had kind of bothered me. The new one fits better and is a nicer piece of wood. We also used some 2 x 4's for added strength on top. I'd like to think that we gave her a little better roof over her head than the one before..

The ceiling isn't warped anymore

Like pieces of a puzzle..

We also put in the insulation and vapor barrier. Why am I so itchy? It looked so soft and harmless...swine deceiving cotton candy. Just because you have a cute picture of the pink panther..

So glad I just had to buy this in February...

Everyone needs a bit of this

That's my girl. Getting her shit together.

I also needed some inspiration for the interior~always a step or two ahead. I have so many ideas!

Agnes will have a diverse array of artwork...

Vintage texture tapestry wallpaper for the book/wine nook

Welcome to my world

Agnes is lollygagging along. She is starting to take shape and come alive. Find herself. When I started her, it was just a need for a creative outlet. I wanted a project. I wanted to create a space of my own. I didn't think about really traveling with her or the necessary functions of that. I didn't think of much more than taking on a huge endeavor. The year has brought many changes. She has become much more than just a literal project or a "thing". She has been my therapy, my catalyst, my quest for more. She has helped me start my search for myself in the world. It's not just about completing something I started anymore. It is about knowing what I am capable of. Capable of learning and accomplishing. What is important to me. Simple things. Creating and building something. About having an idea that I see come to fruition. About overcoming obstacles, how I deal with things, what is most important to me, to my life. Beauty in simplicity. She is symbolic of so much in my life. Like a phoenix I can relate to. She didn't need a facelift or a bandaid. She needed new life breathed into her. She needed someone to look at every flaw and care enough to fix the ones that needed it and polish the ones that were salvageable. She has a soul, part of me. She has been a catharsis for much of what I've gone through. There are parts of her that mean more to me than anything in the world. I could not have done so much alone. She holds all of my secrets and thoughts. She is just the beginning....