Saturday, May 19, 2012

So I feel like we are making good progress, although things don't look too different. Lots of planning and thinking ahead (I already covered up 2 electrical holes that will be fun to deal with). But little things, like vacuuming out all the icky creepy stuff hidden in all the cupboards and nooks and crannies really makes it feel ready for all the next phases.

The weather has been quite warm, which makes us move at a tad slower pace. My hangover didn't help. I realized that I didn't pay close enough attention, although I had every intention to!, to how exactly things were laid out. I'm hoping that the little improvisations we make will work out ok. My biggest fear is that the shell won't fit on correctly. I also didn't measure the back window~where was my mind?! So crossing my fingers that we can use the lower back aluminum as a template and go from there.

I feel like we've done so much work, and we have. But in reality it's only been 15 days worth. I also know that soon after these big areas are done, I will have to deal with a million little tedious things that will probably take longer than I expect. Which is the fun part...But do I need a water heater? How does the electrical work? Do I need a vent for the refrigerator? Time for lots more research!

Today was the first day I used the Radial Saw. This one has been intimidating me. Watching that blade come at was threatening my fingers. It wants to eat them. It can find a way to jump over the wood and slash off every little one of them, I'm convinced. And we are so far away from a hospital. And then I won't be able to drive, or type. And how will I give my cat his medicine?  Ok, I'm not really scared, just a little trepidatious. Once Bob shows me the steps, not so much. Just have to make sure I don't get all cocky about it ;).

Love the shop vac

The piece that was here was in such a state we just replaced it

After. Not too shabby



The ceiling is starting to close in!

My parents have a most lovely garden. Everything grows like crazy out there. It's organized and yet wild. I love all the random jars and little surprises...

Baby cauliflower (full size 1 week later!)

Love old jars


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