Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nitty gritty...

Need to make some real progress and stop beating around the bush. Focus is to get ceiling panels on and get the skin back on in the next month. For some reason, the idea of actually cutting the panels seems a bit intimidating. As if I should think it through more, wait... Not sure for what. I think I'm worried that I won't think about certain things (electrical wiring placement) correctly and then have to back track. But, I think we can drill holes where necessary, so just decided to dive in today and start pounding away. I get to use the nail gun which is too much fun.

Why is it that no matter how many times I measure and double check, something always seems to be a bit off? I realize that the trailer probably isn't as even or square as it was originally since it is over 60 years old. We get in one panel with minor adjustments then a second, only to find in billowing in the middle. Hmmm..not exactly easy to smooth out birch panel. After a little frustration, we get both panels lined up and nail the hell out of them to the support beams. Oh goodness, the ceiling is half complete!

Now just need to cut for the window


Please don't droop

Starting to come together

 My nephew was hanging out a bit with me today. We were looking for the white spotted falcon that's been lurking around. He's definitely his auntie's boy  <3

Visiting the garden

Love this boy

Being silly

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