Sunday, May 13, 2012

The mice have left the building...!!!

I've had this dilemma about the mouse family living in my oven for awhile now. I have been trying to figure out a way to evict them with as little as trauma as possible. Even humane traps seemed harsh as I never know if they have babies in there. I found this product on the Vintage Trailer Supply website and thought I would give it a try...

So last week I left the bags, still wrapped in cellophane sitting around the trailer and left the oven door open. Lo and behold, when I arrived today they had all left! I was so happy. I know it may have been unpleasant for them, but I think it was the best solution for all :) It made my day!

You're awfully cute, but you cannot stay

Life saver!

It was about 90 degrees today, so we were all moving a bit slow. The dogs were continually in the sprinklers and Tucker apparently thought it would be a good idea to roll in the dirt after..


Other than a bit of gluing and assessing the wiring today, all we really did was remove some panels and beams and cut the vent opening for the ceiling panel. This was the first time I got to use a jigsaw. What can I say, easy as pie! I kinda felt like a badass. I think I may need to make another trip to Home Depot to get myself one for home.

Old ceiling panel. Eww.

Nice and clean!

I love power tools

I also cleaned up all the cupboard fixtures at home using Naval Jelly (a name that does not conjure a pleasant image) and a wire brush. It was actually quite a relaxing little project. Although, I did kinda like the weathered look they had before, they just seemed too grimy.


Pink Naval Jelly!


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