Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm laughing at clouds So dark up above

What do you do on a rainy/blustery day when you are trying to renovate a trailer? Make do, of course. Technically it wasn't supposed to rain today, but the sky looks pretty threatening. Ben and I decide to risk it and jump on the road for the ride out. We figure he can do some work on his project in the garage and I can maybe sand the trailer floor or cupboard doors.

We stop at Home Depot. Well, kind of. More like we take a scenic route of the longest way possible to get to Home Depot. It's not my fault! It's a different one than I usually go to and because we are talking I get off on the wrong exit. Not so bad. At least it's prettier than the freeway.

Home Depot!! So much fun! Just so many things to look at! And apparently we need to see them all. I have no idea what the majority of the things in there are for (yet ;P) but I want everything. I really want to buy a piece of copper pipe just because I like the way it looks and feels. I want to hit something with it. (I'm really not a violent person). I'm sure I can figure out a use for it later, right? Ben decides to spend, oh, I don't know, about an hour and a half selecting just the right part for his creation. Apparently the employees at Home Depot freak out a little if you tell them you want to mix plumbing parts with electrical parts. Gasp! The very idea of using a brass plumbing tube for a light fixture. Hardware discrimination, I say! We decide to be a little rebellious. The employees were polite and helpful, just really confused.

By the time we get out there, it's a bit late so  I decide to just measure every possible space in my trailer for future reference. Ben does some work on his project. We also go up the street to visit the "junk lady" (still don't know what the proper name of her store is) to see if we can unearth any hidden treasures. We pull up to the store and I can't wait to get out. I see a rusty bedframe in the grass and I know we will find some treasures here. Tons of rusty old things, bottles, military trunks, lanterns. And funny little random rooms.

Patty reminds me of some of those sellers on "American Pickers". The first five items I ask about she tells me are not for sale because she either can't part with them or has big plans for them.  I finally pry some goodies away from her for a great price and Ben finds some silverware for a fraction of the price at boutiques. He also convinces her to sell a lace curtain panel that had been using a bungee cord as a hanger.
Always find goodies here


The Junk Lady Store! Rusty awesomeness

Beautiful view-obviously photos taken on another day ;)

Even though I didn't do any physical work on Agnes, it was still a productive day. I need to start making some decisions about what to do with the interior! I still don't know exactly what I want to use her for. Just lounging/hanging out? A private little office/work space? A complete escape full of all my favorite things? Yes, that's it!! At least I have measurements to take home and work with. Oh the possibilities for my little sponge....

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