Sunday, February 26, 2012

And the walls come down...

Of course I had to think of this song...

So there has been this issue of debate over the last few weeks. The bathroom wall. Stay or go? We get out and that seems to be the first question. Ah god, peer pressure! I can't decide. I don't want to regret taking away my cute little room. Ben explains to me (3-4 times, bless him) why it's a good idea. That by removing the main wall, we can then rebuild sections or partial walls or whatever to still give that nook and cranny aspect that I love more than anything. It's a hard sell. But I buy it. The demolition begins a little roughly with an almost blinding incident (I didn't actually get hit by anything, but did get a little startled-good times) and then it's off.  I still can't decide if I am going to love or hate it or hate it then eventually love it more.
Wait! I changed my mind!

The walls came down

Still have a little nook in the back of the bathroom

Do you feel a draft?

Once it's obvious there is no going back, I start to try to embrace the idea and envision what could go in the space. Definitely a custom bookcase (already ordered from Ben). I'll figure it out later. The guys work on clearing the bathroom and fridge section floor, removing random slats and cutting copper pipe. Bob fixes the open spaces in the floor and also the back part of the trailer.  I take off all the cupboard and closet doors to prepare to sand. The trailer seems as open and naked as ever. I realize that we are now pretty much to the point where we need to start putting it back together. That seems even more scary than tearing it down. Now I have to decide what I want to use Agnes for.

Unfortunately, I made a sad discovery in the cupboard under the oven. I found one of the baby mice. that didn't make it. I was so hoping we wouldn't disturb their little home until they were old enough to survive on their own. I'm not sure what happened to him..maybe fell?  Next visit we may have to finally deal with trying to evict the little furry field mice. RIP poor little guy.  :(

We have a lazy lunch and Ben decides he is going to build a quick table before we leave. As usual, it comes out super cool!

Bye ground!

New floor. Kinda.

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