Monday, August 15, 2011

Trailer toddles home

Will and I exchanged some money and I did a little happy dance. I had no idea had to get the beast home since one of the tires was pretty much gone and we weren't sure about the frame. Actually, I wasn't sure about anything. I don't even know how to tow a trailer. Did it have brakes? No worries, I knew I could figure that out later. I tend to be much less concerned about the actual logistics of things. Like the fact that we had no idea when it was last registered. I just know that I want to do something. And when I get like that, I always find a way-or at least try my hardest. We are fortunate that our friend who owns a wrecking yard has a flatbed so he came and helped us pick it up. And by help, I mean we stood and watched and said "Is there anything we can do?".  He is a sweety and didn't directly say anything, but I swear I saw a glimmer in his eye that conveyed "Oh, poor naive girl has no idea what she is getting herself into".  After a creaky escape from some wobbly boards she was sitting on, off she went.  We followed behind as pieces of plastic bags and cardboard and other random objects came flying out the broken windows. I was really hoping the whole thing wouldn't collapse like a house of cards and just blow away in the wind.

And she made it! Here she is perfectly placed in our driveway. Somehow I had the feeling that my uptight neighbor with her meticulously maintained craftsman home would not be happy about seeing this hunk of metal sitting next to her property. Sure enough, the VERY next day I get a knock at the door and it's her! I thought, you've got to be kidding, really? One day only and you are going to complain? I didn't even let her talk, I just told her that it wouldn't be an eyesore for long. The first thing I planned to do was paint it (if only). She informed me that she was only concerned about the location as she planned to have her garage redone. Whew. I explained to her that it was my creative project and promised her that my driveway wouldn't turn into disaster zone.

I told everyone about my new prize. I was so excited about all the possibilities. Almost everyone I knew was happy for me (or pretended to be). Maybe they were just looking forward to being entertained by me making a fool of myself in my attempt to renovate with no experience? Some were "puzzled" (see explicit text above).  Should I make her a gypsy caravan? A gothic lair? A cheery rolling garden cottage? A whimsical jalopy? A tea and reading space? Yes! Should she have a big white fluffy bed? A gargoyle? A rain lamp? Yes! I had so many ideas you'd think I was planning to decorate a mansion...

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