Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just a little creative outlet project...

Although I grew up camping and love road trips, the idea of owning a travel trailer for camping purposes never dawned on me. They seemed cumbersome to keep and maintain and one of those things that, despite all good intentions of taking advantage of, in reality you use once every two years. The idea of packing camping food and trekking to a local campsite and dealing with porta potty tanks, hookups, etc. just didn't seem to fit into my life.

But I've always found Airstreams and canned ham trailers so utterly charming. Those were caravans. Road trips full of adventures and meeting colorful people in curious places. Those were owned by people who lived a different lifestyle-not the kind that used a trailer for a weekend getaway, but that used it as an extension of their regular life.  They had personality. One of my mom's favorite movies is "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz~cute movie. If you have a trailer and haven't seen this, I highly recommend.  I love the idea of the trailer being a space, not just a functioning place to eat and sleep.

How I came about my little caravan...

I was inspired last year by a pin I saw on Pinterest. Someone had posted some beautiful photos of a room covered in tapestry with a wrought iron bed. Beautiful colors and textures to the point of sensory overload. Once I followed the link, I ended up at the wonderful Magnolia Pearl to find out that the room was actually an Airstream trailer that had been completely customized. There was a french cast iron bathtub and chandeliers and colors and velvet and teapots and woven rugs and vintage lace and and and and....(Her home is even more rich and interesting than her trailer and or the Rolls Royce that tows it). I don't intend to replicate her style (who could?) but what an inspiration. I loved that it didn't look like a trailer on the inside.

I immediately became obsessed with the idea of having my own little space. Not for camping (although it will be possible) but for the process of creating it. I guess it's like an adult version of a dollhouse.  I had been doing silly little furniture refurbishing just for fun. Working on the computer all day leaves me yearning to garden or do a project with my hands outside. I needed something a little more challenging.

Craigslist Ad for Agnes
My friend found a little travel trailer on Craigslist. It was a 1954 Aljo for $450. There were a few others listed, but I knew immediately this one was coming home with me. My husband, on the other hand, was understandably confused as to what could possibly possess me to want to take on such a project and given the fact that I had no way to determine if what I was buying would even be salvageable. I love Airstreams, but this seemed like a good choice, you know, for my first trailer. It wasn't too big and the price was just right to not be too scary to take on.

The next day I was off to see her. I arrived to a house with a yard full of random vehicles and car parts and an extremely gracious man, Will. I think his charm sealed the deal. What a sight she was. I think I became a 8 year girl and literally jumped up and down when I saw her. I knew she was perfect! My husband was too stunned to really have a reaction. He suggested maybe I spend a little more money to get a nicer one, one that didn't need so much work, maybe one that didn't have "420" or "mob cut throat" carved into the wall or what looked like a seagull poop splat on one of the cabinets (no idea what it is).  But I wanted to start from scratch. And that's pretty much what I did.

Me and Will

So proud!

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