Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not everything is black or white

So, as I was saying before...Agnes is going to have some personality. When I first started, I really wanted to make her funky and random and was less concerned about everything being perfect. I have to admit, as I put in the perfect new ceiling panels, the idea of her color being really shiny and consistent became a bit more appealing. Well...

Hmmmm...living in perfect harmony? ;P

So either this piece was a completely different type of wood, or sustained sun damage or something. Both colors are just as pretty. The dark is a rich violet brown, the color I would like my hair to be. I just have this one random, really dark panel in the middle of my ceiling. Not bummed, just a little *sigh*. I think I will eventually grow to appreciate it, but right now it feels kind of like a big flub.

Spent the day sanding panels and shellacking overhead. Goodness, the next two days my neck was in more pain than it's ever been. Couldn't turn my head. And I still have two more coats with sanding in between. Massage has already been scheduled..

The shellac smells like whiskey and immediately turned the rosy birch panels into warm golden hues. I had really been needing a change of scenery and was quite pleased with having some immediate visual satisfaction.

Good stuff, Maynard! Only spilled the container once. Exactly why I decided to to the floors after ;)

From a lesson learned earlier

Wow!! She already feels much more inviting :)

Argh! rogue panel!

Abandoned wasp nest.

Meanwhile, back at the Treehouse...

Apparently, Dennis has been spreading the word around the neighborhood. Meet Miss Trixie.

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