Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make Circuit with Me

Oh my. Been putting this off for awhile. Can't seem to get it all to click. After hours on forums, visiting condescending trailer supply people, watching videos, looking at diagrams....still not sure if any of it is really starting to make sense. I so want to get the electrical and plumbing and propane issues out of the way so I can go back to working on the wood and putting the skin back on. I'm so anxious to build the interior as well! Decided to put a writing desk in the old bathroom and a wine rack. And also want to build a counter out of some lovely wood to run along the entire side window.

So far, I know I need a 7-pin system so Agnes will be charged by my car battery, a 110v system and a 12v system which I want to tie together using a converter for consistency. A circuit breaker, which I already have, possibly a fuse box, new wiring. Not to mention the water pump issue, as well.

Now, just have to figure out how to hook it all together and make it work :/ In the meantime, I think I'll have myself my own little dance party....

Aw. The rainbow makes it seem so simple.

This is what I'm dealing with...

My red chair

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