Saturday, January 28, 2012

Of Mice and Linoleum

The mice have multiplied. Oh dear. Opened my oven to see at least 3 little pairs of eyes staring back at me. Starting to smell a little bit too. I figure I may as well wait until I put in new insulation and start to wrap it up before trying to get rid of them. I would assume they would just get into the new insulation and it would be a frustrating cycle.

Mouse living quarters.

Land O' Linoleum

It's just me and my stepdad today. I have a blast ripping up the old linoleum. Kind of like peeling an apple and seeing how much you can get in one long strip. Quite satisfying. My niece comes by and helps me out a little bit. Squatting for two hours while doing this was not the best idea in the world. Seriously had a bit of a challenge walking the next day~ouch! Maybe also would have been a good idea to wear a dust mask. Oh well, next trailer!

My little helper :)

We got the front aluminum panel off ok, but the back was a bit of a, well, a bitch. The two pieces of metal didn't just overlap, but wound around one another. We considered leaving it all one piece with the top (which would have made it difficult and awkward to remove) or cutting it. We finally decided to at least attempt prying it open then lifting up and back and it worked!! I love problem solving :) I kinda felt a little badass, not going to lie. :P

Resident Critters

Found knife and soap...not really a good sign

My beloved red chair

What happens when the windows are broken

No, there wasn't a fire!

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