Saturday, November 23, 2013

Been spending more time out in Campo. Trying to get Agnes' shit together. I see the end in mind. See the finished project. Wondering what will happen when I'm done. She is really starting to come to life and find her place. Her beauty and personality is really starting to come through. I feel responsible. For taking something that had been so neglected and finding beauty in. I want to make her sparkle, proud. She has become a symbol for so much in my life. Made me look at my own flaws. What can be fixed and what is just is. What I have to accept and embrace. She is kind of my living journal in a way. My one of two mirrors.

I love lists

Most happy outside

Most fun new tool

Naked Agnes

Mom always ready to help
After some trial and error with several paint sprayers, found the perfect solution. Can't believe how easy it was! Seriously only took about 35 minutes to spray everything.

This sprayer is the best!
This was so much fun:)

Hell yeah!!

Dremel accessories. Way more fun that jewelry

Left screws loose so I can replace with stainless steel screws later. And also feathered ridges before second coat


Practice makes perfect-all better now


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