Saturday, April 13, 2013

A day to myself

"It is the rust we value, not the gold" ~a. pope

There is this wonderful place not far from Agnes. Some may say a graveyard, full of skeletons. Rusty remains of once beautiful machines. A mere shadow of their former glorious selves. Chunks of metal that are now obsolete and forgotten. They seem like creatures to me. Their patinaed and aged skin that has seen decades of weather and neglect seems more beautiful, more interesting. Old timers with stories to tell and history. I have an odd habit of giving life to inanimate objects (yes, i know it's called anthropomorphizing, but it's so hard to say). It always seemed to me when I've used something, or something has been there to provide for me, it takes on a bit of life. Like I owe respect back. 
Here, they let the creatures be, rest.

I dove into some electrical today. No use procrastinating. Taught myself a few things and applied them best I could...

Splitting Romex, very carefully. Black-hot, White-neutal, Bare-ground


My little R2-D2 outlet

Not sure how this happened, but it hurt alot more that it looks like it should

Feeling a little more confident

I spent the day all by myself. Well, aside from Agness and the local critters...Yeah. I think me and Agnes are gonna get along splendidly.

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