Monday, November 21, 2011


Somewhere around this time, I decided to give my trailer the most awesome name ever... 

me:  oh! i didn't tell you my trailer's new name
joe:  oooo thats right!
joe:  what is it
joe:  ?!?!?!
me:  Agnes Gooch
joe:  gooch?
me:  yep
joe:  hahaha i like it
me:  it's a character from Auntie Mame
joe:  fun!
joe:  you are a little off your rocker
joe:  hahahha
me:  and totally appropriate!
me:  yep!!
me:  just the way i like to be :)

Ok, this is a really, really sad excuse for a video clip. I took it from my tv. I was going to say something about how I would upload a better version later, but the fact that it's shaky because I've been drinking wine and because I did not position myself in a comfortable position first seems to make it that much more appropriate. So it's going to stay.

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